WLPR EZ Radio is an online Easy Listening/Beautiful Music radio station based in Mobile, Alabama.  The WLPR EZ Radio sound was inspired by classic FM radio stations including WLPR-FM 96.1 which was the Mobile area's source for Easy Listening from 1964 - 1987.  WLPR's call letters stood for Living Presence Radio.  The original WLPR-FM was a constant living presence around the Gulf Coast for many years.  Many who resided in and around Mobile from the '60s to the '80s fondly remember WLPR-FM 96.1.  

For many years, the offices and studios of the original WLPR-FM 96.1 were housed in the former First National Bank Building on St. Francis Street in Downtown Mobile, now the RSA Trustmark Building.  


In addition to serving as the Mobile area's Easy Listening station, WLPR-FM 96.1 also served as the area's source for Classical music and fine arts programming.  For many years, WLPR-FM featured Classical music multiple nights a week and was the area's home for the Saturday afternoon Metropolitan Opera broadcasts.  

The FM 96.1 frequency in Mobile is now occupied by Classic Rock station WRKH.  The WLPR call letters are currently used in the Mobile area by Goforth Media's Christian music station WLPR-AM 960.  The WLPR call letters are also used by a Lowell, Indiana, public radio and Classical music station.

On WLPR EZ Radio, you will hear the best classic and contemporary Easy Listening music.  If you have never before listened to an Easy Listening radio station, please enjoy a genre of music and a radio format which was very influential in developing the popularity of FM radio in the '60s and '70s and which was also a very important part of American life for many years.

Please feel free to contact our station for any reason at any time.  Our email is ezwlpr@gmail.com.  We always welcome artist recommendations, song suggestions, and any feedback you wish to offer.  

Thank You for visiting WLPR EZ Radio's little corner of the Internet.